How many of us are constantly trying to figure life out or how we are going to manage something? Some of us are always  busy trying to “make sense” of it all whilst trying to survive the peaks and valleys. We are churning things around in our minds all the time and we will not rest until we can see a way. We often won’t let a thing go and after exacerbating it, we finally admit (though reluctantly) that,  “I don’t know anymore”.

During the course of my working day Wednesday, I had a meeting with a gentleman who is originally from India. As is the nature of the business network I belong to, we get to know each other and build relationships so as to build mutual trust in each other and our respective businesses. He shared with me the philosophy which he holds regarding business, life etc. which in a nutshell is “knowing how to know” . This made me think how often I’ve heard people say “I don’t know anymore”.


“Knowing” has become very important to many people these days. When one looks around, we see so many people “consuming” as much information on one or other topic because of the  need to be “in the know”. Ignorance of the  latest news or of what’s trending is more frowned upon than actual lack of intelligence, wisdom, achievements or accomplishments. There is an urgency to be knowledgeable on whatever topic is relevant in any particular setting.  Anybody and everybody is or can become an “expert” on any issue at the touch of a button. Information is readily available to all as this is truly the information age.

Keeping up to date with the news and current events around us and around the world is very important. As my sister Samantha regularly reminds me : “we cannot be so heavenly minded that we are of no earthly relevance”.

Modern technology  has arguably improved the lives of many all around the world. The question is , with all this wealth of entertainment and information available , coupled with the obsession to ingest knowledge like pack-man gobbling up little hearts,  why are we surrounded by so many depressed, suicidal , defeated men, women and children?

How important is “knowing” then? I think it is VITALLY important.  God’s position on knowledge, is as different to the world’s approach to knowledge as day differs from night. Where the world pursues knowledge, God encourages and  tells us that “Wisdom is the principal thing;therefore  get wisdom : and in all your getting get understanding“,( Proverbs 4:7 ) and cautions us that “ knowledge puffs up” (1 COR 8:1. ) Have you ever noticed how intelligent people are often far from God? Their knowledge or expertise   in their relevant field, gives them confidence in themselves and some often forget to give God the glory since it is He who gives in the first place. “ Every good  and  perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights , who does not change like shifting shadowsJames 1:17 (NIV).  They find it extremely difficult to trust something that cannot be observed or empirically verified. Most intelligent people won’t mention JESUS for fear of sounding delusional and risk people thinking that they are “another Jesus freak”.


God wants you to KNOW. That is why He has left us a manual (the  Bible) on His ways, on who He is  and on how to live a victorious life. This manual reveals God’s nature and His heart toward us. He does not want you obsessing about the “whats” or the “hows”, He wants you to know the WHO . He says in Psalm 46:10, Be still and KNOW that I am God” .  Growing up, we were often told that it is bad to question God. It would be bad if you were questioning God’s wisdom with irreverance, thinking you know better. God loves to spend time with You and delights in conversing with you. You may ask God questions with a genuine desire to know Him and His ways. He reveals Himself to us in His word and in so many ways all around us.

He knows that you are overwhelmed with trying to figure it all out. He knows that you don’t know how you are going to carry on after you have been hurt. He knows that you don’t know how you are going to get out of debt and  are wracking your brain trying to find a way to pay your bills . He knows that you don’t  know if you can endure the pain in your body another day. He knows that you don’t know when or how your child is going to be freed from his or her addiction


God wants you to KNOW that He knows. If you know the Knower , you don’t have to know the answer to all your dilemmas. If you know the Provider, you don’t need to know where your next meal is coming from. If you know the Healer, you don’t need to know how you are going to get well. If you know the Deliverer, you don’t need to know when your child is going to be delivered from drugs. Knowing Him, means trusting in His unchanging nature.He is GOOD.

Focusing on all the facts, statistics and trending news, takes your eyes off of the TRUTH which is the WORD of God. Truth is higher than facts. Truth overrides the facts. Truth is a person and His name is JESUS. He said “I am the way , the truth and the life:no man comes to the Father except through me.John 14:6

We serve a God who calls things which are not as though they are. ( this does not mean calling things which are as though they are not). God spoke the world into existence. We are made in His image and are like our father, we have inherited His abilities through Jesus Christ. So we speak the TRUTH (eternal , infallible word of God) and God watches over His word to perform it. (Jer 1:12)

We are tripartite beings. We are spirit, we have a soul (mind, will, emotions) and we live in a body. Our spirits are eternal beings and our spirits will live forever either in heaven or hell. When we accept Jesus’s gift of salvation, we will live eternally in heaven. It seems strange that we focus on two aspects of our being more than on the one which will exist into all eternity. We feed our minds in the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment. Similarly many studies are done on how to optimize our bodies through exercise , healthy eating, supplements, anti-aging etc. How many of us actively pursue feeding our spirits and spending time in the Bible , getting to know God ? God says that He came so that we might know Him. He does not want a religion, but a relationship with us.


He knows everything about us. He knows us intimately. David says in Psalm 139

      1.”You have searched me , Lord, and you know me.                                                                                                                     2. You know when I sit and when I rise;you perceive my thoughts from afar.                                                        

     3. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways.                                           

    4 .Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely.”

We can therefore say ,”I don’t know anymore, but I know the one who does”. Is it not wonderful that we have a God who knows us so intimately, as David puts it, and who guides us through His Holy Spirit in all things?  He says “Call to Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know” Jeremiah 33:3

Even when we don’t know what to pray or can’t find the words to pray, the Holy spirit prays for us and makes intercession for us with the Father.You can pray in the Spirit because God’s Holy Spirit comes to dwell on the inside of us when we accept Jesus’s free gift of salvation.   He is Emmanuel, God with us , God in us. So we don’t have to know, He knows. “When the Spirit of Truth comes, He will guide you into all truth.” John 16:13 (NLT). God is so gracious and merciful that He has made provision for our not knowing. He knows that we don’t know , so He sent His Holy Spirit to tell us things that we don’t know. Almost like cheating in the exam where someone is telling us the answers. We have help wherever we turn, if we just ask for it.

So as some are obsessed with amassing knowledge or information, let us seek to know our God. We don’t have to follow the popular trends because although we are in the world , we are not of this world. We are of God.

Rest then in the knowledge that God knows and  has made provision for all our needs. More than that, He promises that He will do “Exceedingly , abundantly above what we can ask think or imagine.”  Eph 3:20.

Feel free to comment , share your insights or requests for prayerful support (charlene@godsradiance.com) and let’s talk around Jesus.

God Bless you







  • Emelda

    Hi charlene
    Once again on point. Your article is refreshing and extremely important in this the age of information technology at our fingertips. When reading your article I am reminded of who to send this particular pice to so would like to know how to send to someone that this particular Fticke is relevant to. In today’s busy world when I share the article some people assume its the same one I shared before and dies not realize there is a new article. So I would like to share the relevant article to the relevant person.
    Hope I made sense

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