Hello Everyone. I am Charlene and I am so pleased to have this platform to share some  TRUTHS and lessons learned so far on my life’s journey.

I am a mother of two, business woman and a representative of God’s Kingdom. Through my various experiences, trials and lessons learned, I have discovered some hidden treasures in the Word of God which, when applied, has unlocked the abundant life that God had intended for His children all along.

With my background as a school teacher for fifteen years, I am both qualified and equipped, but more importantly graced by God, to make the understanding and implementation of God’s word a realizable goal. I am an Attorney, Conveyancer and a Notary and am a partner in a medium law firm in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Moreover, I am living a life surrendered to Jesus Christ and I am empowered by the Holy Spirit of God (as we all are) to fulfill The Great Commission.


I am one of nine children in a family made up of seven sisters and two brothers. My mother raised us primarily as a single parent and many of my victories in life are consequences of following her example. My mother laid the foundation of our faith and modeled the christian life to us.

9 siblings and mum

Rejection, ridicule, insecurity and low self-esteem were the bricks of my foundational make-up. The enemy of my soul had been laying these beliefs in my psyche throughout my childhood and into adulthood, all in an attempt to thwart God’s plan and purpose for my life.

Getting educated and achieving academic and career success was an attempt to raise my self-esteem and live a victorious life.

This fabricated life, was no refuge for me when devastation hit my home and life recently. It forced me to turn to the only refuge that I knew deep down in my soul.

By prostrating myself before the Throne of God, I sought Him and I found Him. I began to earnestly study His word and realized that a relationship is what He desired with me all along.

So began my journey of discovering this beautiful, Radiant life that I found in God.


As a mother, business owner and christian, I would like to assist and support women of similar or not so similar backgrounds in traversing life’s journey with confidence, power and radiance.

I love searching the Word of God, hearing from the Word of God and illuminating or clarifying God’s principles which I’ve learnt, so that we can find practical application in our daily lives and situations.

My story is universal and there are many women and young girls, who settle for a sub-standard life, not fully walking in all of Gods goodness simply because, no-one broke it down and walked the walk with them.


Through the storms, I realized that God was positioning me for His purpose. Searching for and finding, God’s keys to the abundant life, I know that I have a responsibility to share what God has brought me through and taught me.

Jesus said in JOHN 10:10 that He came to give life and give it in abundance. By searching God’s Word and applying His principles, we can find this abundant life and live it, bringing GLORY TO GOD in so doing.

If you identify with me and require encouragement and prayerful support, feel free to follow my posts and engage with me by submitting your concerns, insights and prayer requests. Jesus encourages us in Matt 18:19 Again truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my father in Heaven.”





  • Ronald Goliath

    Well done Sister.

    You are a true inspiration, fantastic role model and a true testament to showcase Gods enduring love.
    Love you stax

  • Carmen

    Wow Cha… super proud of you and what you are doing.
    You are an inspiration to many and this platform will reach far and wide, encouraging many… Lotsa lovies

  • Diane

    So imspiring and humbling. Through ur experiences and journey and teachings u will be an inspiration to so many. Super proud of the woman of God u are.love u

    • Charlene Foster

      Thank you my sister

      God’s hand is always on us, ordering our steps and working all out so that He will be glorified. ( Psalm 46:10)
      We were all created to bring Him glory, even though our storms.
      God bless you my sister😘

  • Samantha Morrison

    Hi Charlene. This is a truly inspirational step you’ve taken: to boldly live for Christ and share your journey with others. My prayer is that God will continue to empower you as you desire to serve Him and your fellow man through this site. Do not grow weary in well doing, my sister. Love you madly.

  • Rochelle

    Charls you are truly an example that no matter what life throws at you you’ve always risen and kept your focus on God. This is very inspirational and I pray that you will continue to inspire and motivate others. Love you lots my aunty

    • Charlene Foster

      Thank you Roche

      We all go through ( or will go through) many extremely difficult and painful times ,Jesus did , so we will too. But the end of it will glorify God , this is why we were created after all. God bless you my sweetie pie ❤️

  • Helen

    Hi Char
    I read through all of your posts. God has graced you to be a blessing to so many people and I thank God for your desire to be His shining light. May God continue to use you to bless those who are going through similar challenges and to know that God always has an answer in His word. Continue to blaze a trail for Jesus. I am so blessed to your mother. Love you always.

    • Charlene Foster

      Thank you Mum
      You have been our model and have given us our Christian foundation. I thank God for you and your legacy of faith which you have left to us. No greater gift could you have given us than pointing us to Jesus. I love you mum.

  • Laureen August

    Thank you Charlene for these inspiring, thought provoking messages…you have no idea how some of the testimonies have touch me…Remain blessed eternally.
    Fondest Regards

  • Rulandi

    Hi Charlene,

    It is truly a blessing to know you, you are an inspiration and His light shines through you. Your joy is contagious.

  • Hazel Naomi van Schalkwyk

    I love your motivating web page. A Godly woman like you can only be a blessing. Continue sharing the good work for the kingdom of God. Stay blessed woman of God.

    • admin

      Hello Hazel

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post. It encourages me to know that someone is blessed by what I have learnt on my journey with the Lord. may God bless you and may you go from strength to strength as you journey on.
      All the best

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